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Before Your Company Moves: A Paper Shredding Guide

posted on Nov 23, 2016

Document destruction is the best way to protect the security of your workplace. This means that your reputation, your revenues, the privacy of your employees and customers, and your success all depend on the reliability of the paper shredding company that will handle the destruction of your sensitive documents. This is especially important when you are relocating your company, as you want to ensure that all sensitive business documentation is properly secured or destroyed before you move.

Here are a few things to consider before hiring a paper shredding company to protect your business, your employees and your customers.

1. On-site or off-site

There are two different types of paper shredding services: on-site and off-site. Companies offering on-site shredding services have mobile trucks with the right equipment, and they destroy documents at their clients’ locations.

Off-site shredding services means the documents to be destroyed will be brought at the facilities of the paper shredding company. On-site shredding is obviously the most secure type of paper shredding services, as it allows you to witness the proper destruction of your documents.

For more information, you can learn further about on-site and off-site moving at the Shred-it Australia website. You can also contact them directly for any inquiries about their services.

2. State-of-the-art technology

You will want to trust a paper shredding company with state-of-the-art shredding equipment that will ensure the complete and secure destruction of your sensitive documents before your company moves. Look for a company that can turn these documents into confetti-sized pieces.

The shredding trucks of your paper shredding company should be equipped with video monitoring systems, so you can easily witness the document destruction process.

  3. Employees

Even if a company uses the best paper shredding equipment available, you should not hire them if you can’t be sure that their employees are reliable and trustworthy. Experience is also an important point to consider.

Paper shredding companies should thoroughly screen their employees, and subject them to a background check to be certain that they can be trusted with the confidential documents of their customers.

4. Customer service

Reliable staff should be able to provide great customer service. Find a paper shredding company that will strive to earn your business by providing you with great services, and by doing everything they can to meet your needs.

Your paper shredding company should show up when they are scheduled to show up, and they should be able to accommodate special shredding projects of any size. They should also be there to answer your questions about their services.

5. Disposal containers

Most paper shredding companies provide their customers with containers to collect the documents that need to be destroyed. Make sure the company you choose can provide you with secure containers.

These locked containers should be large enough to collect all the documents you need to dispose of until the next scheduled destruction service, and you should be able to ask for extra containers if you need them.

Learn more about the basics of disposal containers with this handy info sheet prepared by the City of Markham.

6. Price

Choosing the paper shredding company that advertises the lowest price isn’t necessarily a good idea. Lowest price is often a synonym for low quality services, or for a low price that will be inflated by a lot of hidden fees.

Find a company that asks for a reasonable price, and that can provide you with an honest quote for their services. You want a paper shredding company that will not try to keep additional fees hidden from you until it’s time to pay your bill.

7. Other services

Even if you plan to only need to destroy paper documents, you should hire a company that can offer additional services. Look for a company that will also destroy hard drives, CD-ROMS, flash drives, and other storage media that contain sensitive information.

By choosing a paper shredding company that has the right equipment to destroy these media, you won’t have to look for another company when you need additional services to protect your business.