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Tipping Your Movers: 5 Tips For Tipping

posted on Nov 23, 2016

Is there anything more uncomfortable than giving someone a tip? Easy answer: nope.

Although tips are meant to show gratitude on the part of the customer for the service provider's hard work, dedication and efforts, it seems tips today have become awkward and confusing. Whether it's tipping a server or tipping a mover, it can sometimes be rather overwhelming. established the three big Es that explain why moving can be such a difficult task.

When it comes to movers, it can be even more befuddling. Tipping a mover is not mandatory, but since it can consist of back breaking labour, long hours and arduous activity it's a nice gesture. (How would you feel if you had to carry your 400-lb armoire up or down five flights of stairs?)

Believe it or not, there are a number of things that you need to know about tipping your movers. This is especially true for those who haven't had the pleasure of hiring movers in a long time.

Here are five things you need to know about tipping your movers:

Your Tip is 15% to 20%

Sure, during your weekly visit to the restaurant, you leave a tepid five or 10 percent tip. However, when you're working with movers, your tip should be a minimum of 15 percent, and, if they're really good, then their tip should be as high as 20 percent. Ultimately, the range of your should be between 15 and 20 percent. If you have a lot of stuff never provide a single-digit tip.

The Tip Comes at the End

You don't pay the tip at the beginning of your meal, do you? If you do then you're perhaps the first person in the history to do such a thing. With that being said, your tip to the movers should always come at the end of the entire ordeal. This way, you can determine the quality of the experience and what tip warrants their efforts.

Leave Your Tip for the Leader

Yes, this can be a little bit confusion: who do you leave the tip to? Although you could give a tip to every member of the team, it's simpler to just leave the extra 20 percent to the moving leader. This person will then allocate portions of the tip to the rest of the team. It's as easy as that.

Paying by Cash or Plastic

If you're paying by cash then your tip should be in cash. If you're paying by credit card then your tip should be on the credit card. It doesn't make sense to differentiate the two (pay by cash and tip by credit card and vice versa). Also, if you're paying by credit card, it makes it easier for the moving company to report their tips when they file their taxes.

Treat Your Movers

Sometimes, treating your movers can be a lot more beneficial for them than cash. When it's 30 degrees outside in the middle of July and they're lifting every items and boxes up five flights of stairs, they're going to be in agonizing pain. If you're providing them with beverages and snacks throughout the move then they'll be a lot more grateful than just giving them a tip at the end.

When you're budgeting out your move, you should definitely factor in cost for bottles of water or soda, bags of chips and other goodies that can help them get the job done with ease.

Moving is a treacherous experience for both you and the company you've hired, whether it's in the middle of summer or in the middle of winter. Finding the right movers can be just as difficult, too. This is why it's essential that when you do locate the best movers that you treat them well by giving them respect, tipping them correctly and providing them some relief with food and water.

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