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Before Your Company Moves: A Paper Shredding Guide

posted on Nov 23, 2016

Document destruction is the best way to protect the security of your workplace. This means that your reputation, your revenues, the privacy of your employees and customers, and your success all depend on the reliability of the paper shredding company that will handle the destruction of your sensitive documents. This is especially important when you are relocating your company, as y... » read more

Tipping Your Movers: 5 Tips For Tipping

posted on Nov 23, 2016

Is there anything more uncomfortable than giving someone a tip? Easy answer: nope.

Although tips are meant to show gratitude on the part of the customer for the service provider's hard work, dedication and efforts, it seems tips today have become awkward and confusing. Whether it's tipping a server or tipping a mover, it can sometimes be rather overwhelming. » read more